73rd Series of Classical Dramas

The 73rd edition of the series of Classical Dramas at the Olympic Theater, Nostos. Se tu non torni, (If you don’t come back) artistic direction by Giancarlo Marinelli, is sponsored by the City of Vicenza, Culture Council, in collaboration with the City of Vicenza Civic Theater and the Olympic Academy, produced with the support of the Veneto Region, the Vicenza Confindustria association and the AIM Group.

The entire Series of Classics in the year of the pandemic, a total of eight dramas in the program, of which six were being staged for the first time in Italy, from September 25 to October 23, 2020 is based on the story, told on stage by the characters of mythology and European narrative tradition who return to the origins and propose titles that may seem unusual but that are always profoundly linked to the classical world.
The basic idea of the 73rd edition is the concert entitled Nostos, the homecoming, dedicated to the poignant melancholy of the Olympic, the Theater that lives with its actors, authors, personnel, for the audiences that have not been there in the months of its forced closure. Marking the months-long suspension of life, the grief and tragedy of the men and women we have lost, the stories that should have been and were not told. Nostos is a way of ending the voyage, it is nostalgia, a wandering in search, the re-search of something that seems new but that has actually been lost. Because every voyage is a backward look and a return home. And for sure, it is a return to the Olympic.

Mrs. Dalloway

prima nazionale

Elena e Penelope

Lectio Olimpica
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Ecuba e le streghe

Castracagna la strega del Po


Dialoghi Shakespeariani

Palladio magico

Itinerario teatrale per famiglie e bambini a partire dai 5 anni
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I morsi della rabbia
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Una piccola Odissea

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