Rebekka Bakken Group

Il concerto, inizialmente previsto all'Hangar del Parco della Pace, si terrà nella Sala Maggiore del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza.


Saturday 3 July, 20:30Teatro Comunale di Vicenza - Sala Maggiore

Born in Oslo in 1970, Rebekka Bakken has established herself as a leading figure in the large ranks of Scandinavian jazz singers of her generation. And the competition was certainly not a small one, from Silje Nergaard to Solveig Slettahjell. Strengthened by his studies of piano and violin, as well as a voice of incredible sensuality, in 1995 he moved to New York. It was here that he met the Austrian guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel, with whom he formed a duo active both in the US club scene and on record, with three albums between 2000 and 2002. The following year he returned to Europe, settling in Austria: at that moment his career definitely took off, with his first solo album, The Art of How to Fall, distributed by Universal as well as all his subsequent ones, up to the most recent Things You Leave Behind (2018), with an irresistible retro atmosphere, and Winter Nights (2020), which mark the transition to OKeh / Sony. A progression of albums that have highlighted the variety of Bakken's interests, to which jazz is very tight: it ranges from folk to pop, with a strong songwriting imprint.

Rebekka Bakkenvoce
Jørn Øientastiere
Johnny Sjobasso
Johan Lindströmchitarra
Karl O. Wennerbergbatteria


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